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See the beautiful sights of Annapolis from the water!

On this tour of the picturesque Annapolis waterfront, you will enjoy all the sights and sounds of the city, and hear both historical and personal stories about the town and its waters.

There's a reason sailors from around the world rank Annapolis as their favorite port city––it's one of the prettiest towns on the East Coast. We'll see motor boats, sail boats of all sizes, and even a yacht or two. You'll learn about the settlement of the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis, and adjacent rivers, as well as the Annapolis "Tea Party": the Burning of the Peggy Stewart. When this city was the capital of the US in 1783, the Treaty of Paris was signed here, ending the Revolutionary War!

As a native of Annapolis, a boater, and a sailor, I'll describe personal adventures on the waters––capsizing in high winds, "skulling" on windless days (you'll learn what that means), and evening races in the summer. I'm happy to take questions and go into detail about whatever captures your interest.

Sample Itinerary

* State House

* Ego Alley

* Kunta Kinte–Alex Haley Memorial
* Main Street
* Market House
* Annapolis skyline

SPA CREEK / CARROLL'S CREEK, including views of:
* St. Mary's Church
* Charles Carroll House
* Many beautiful private residences
* Dozens of docked boats and sailboats

* Sailing Clubs
* Marriott Hotel
* Annapolis/Eastport drawbridge

* US Naval Academy




Two hours.

Meeting Point:

Dock of Chart House Restaurant (300 Second St.)

Important Notes:

– There is no bathroom aboard the Electric Boats, so please use the facility available at the dock before we depart.

– Life-vests and flotation devices are supplied on the boat; you don't need to bring your own.

– Our trip will begin with a brief safety lesson to make sure everybody knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Activity Level:

Minimal. The boats have comfortable, cushioned seats.


Yes, children are welcome and will find much to enjoy on this tour!


Embarking and de-barking the boat can be difficult for those with mobility impairment. Please contact me with your specific needs, to see if they can be accommodated. 


$655 per tour

for up to 10 people (duration: 2 hours)


Questions about this tour? Contact me for answers, or to customize this tour for you and your party.

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