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I was young when I first started touring Annapolis. My father, a Naval Academy graduate and Academy instructor, used to bring our family downtown to see the campus, boats, and historic buildings. The stories he told fascinated me, and as I grew older, I began to make the city's history my own. Soon I was giving informal tours to family and friends on a regular basis.

My exploration of the city wasn't limited to land. As a competitive sailer in high school, I became familiar with the waterways that compass Annapolis: the Harbor, Spa Creek, Ego Alley, the Severn River, and of course the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. I found sailing to be thrilling, challenging, and rewarding. Maritime pastimes – sailing, power-boating, fishing, crabbing, swimming, kayaking, and others – are an essential part of Annapolis life.


I left home to study philosophy and theology at a small liberal arts college in California. As I explored Ventura, Santa Barbara, L.A., San Francisco, Sonoma County, and Seattle, I always sought out the most compelling and colorful destinations. These experiences on the West Coast also motivated me to dive deeper into Annapolis' quintessential East-Coast story as I studied its political origins, architecture, Naval history, and the lives of its famous citizens.

I've had the opportunity to travel in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia. Along the way I've studied a few other languages. Wherever I go, I first read about the local history, arts, music, and cuisine, so I can pursue the most authentic experience possible. Each journey has taught me more about myself, others, and the world. I hope to share this same sense of discovery on my own tours.

My intellectual interests have led me back to the East Coast to pursue a PhD in ancient and medieval philosophy. The history of ideas is key for understanding Annapolis, since many notable ideas took root here: the Statute of Religious Toleration in 1649, the "First Citizen" letters of Charles Carroll, the meetings of the Sons of Liberty under the old Liberty Tree . . . General George Washington resigned his commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army here in 1783, and the world's first integrated Great Books curriculum was instituted at St. John's College in 1937.

As a summer job during grad school, I've decided to share what I love doing with more people. Annapolis is a special city, renown for its beauty, charm, and fascinating story. I look forward to sharing it with you.


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