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The "Guided Tour" completely reimagined . . .

Local. Authentic. Welcoming.



Travel should be a culturally and spiritually enriching experience. A new country, region, or city gives us a chance to try new tastes, see with different perspectives, and carry home fond memories. The experience of a city – especially one like Annapolis – can serve as an inspiration.


My goal is to introduce you to the "City on the Severn" in such a way that you feel like you've become a part of the story. We'll admire the beauty of her colonial streets and waters, savor the zest of her drink and cuisine, and sense the dignity of her civic and naval traditions. Impressions like these stay with you, even after your visit comes to an end.


A tour should encompass all parts of life: the sublime and the every-day, the lofty and the fleshy. I bring together Annapolis’ nationally significant history with my own personal memories, and blend together moments of serious teaching, appreciating silence, and raucous laughter. Are you especially interested in naval history, colonial architecture, or the best pour-over coffee? Say so! Each of my tours is unique, a joining together of the interests of guests and guide.


A tour should also be easy-going and uncomplicated. I'll show you the best photo-op sites, take shots for you, and share them with you after the tour. If at any time you want to ask a question, stop for ice cream, or just sit on a bench and admire the view, simply say the word. This tour is for you.


By the end of your visit, I hope we'll part as friends and fellow lovers of the "Crown Jewel of the Chesapeake" . . . that is, as fellow Annapolitans.

© 2023, Tour Annapolis

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