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Rebecca Countess (from Pennsylvania)

Historic Walking Tour & Boat Tour

"Michael is an exceptional tour guide. This is our second tour with Michael and both were fantastic. Our first tour was a walking tour of historic landmarks, the Naval Academy, St. John's College, and the Capitol building. The second tour was a boat tour history of the city with an emphasis on the waterways that were foundational to that history. Our group included adults and college students. Michael was very engaging and spoke in greater detail about topics that were of special interest to people in our group . . . My husband and I both highly recommend any tour with Michael."


Liam O'Shea-Creal (from Nebraska)

Historic Walking Tour

"I have to admit, I am usually not a fan of tours because they often go over my head and seem rushed, however our tour with Michael was the exact opposite. Michael made the city's history come to life and he did it in a relaxed and casual way! I had no idea how much had actually happened in the city but Michael painted the picture and filled out the narrative. . . . I would highly recommend a tour with Michael if you are in Annapolis. You will enjoy all that he has to share!"

Patricia Todd (from California)

Historic Walking Tour

"Michael was friendly and knowledgeable –– giving us an insider's knowledge of the town and history of Annapolis. I highly recommend you consider a tour with Michael if you want to learn more about this charming town."


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